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"Why," asks Amie, throwing junk from one side of the tiny room to another. "Did you hurt someone?"

There's no response for a long time and then, "He was not good."

Amie wonders for a second if this is all she's going to get, but then he keeps going. "I know this, everyone knows this, but he is… protected. His family, they are important."

Amie shifts the largest piece of debris as Gregor keeps talking. It briefly occurs to her to question why he's telling this story to a complete stranger he's trapped in a linen closet.

"I am soldier, like him, but I do not fight with gun. Army is more then men with guns. Someone must clean, fix tanks, make soup, dig ditches. I am… clearer? I think this is word. There are land-mines, so many land-mines in Chechnya. I work with dogs."

Amie, hurry and make your escape. Gregor, be annoyed no one seems to listen to you. Except Piotyr. Cuz she is a good dog. Give her a pat.

"Dog finds mine, they smell, wag tail, we mark with post. Later - dig up, take away. Make places safe. For roads, base, airstrip, house, farm. But this man…"

There is a long pause, Amie realizes she's stopped moving, is just standing there listening.

"This man is not safe. Not safe for anyone."


I did not try and make skull!Piotyr look cute in this panel, it just happened.