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Tell Gregor, "Okay give me a second" and then go down the chute.

"OK! Just - give me a second!" says Amie, hesitantly removing her foot from the door.

The floor under her creaks, but the door does not burst open.

"I think you should come out now," says Gregor.


Unclever title:
>Amie: "Just a moment! I'm coming out. There's lot's of debris in here."

"Yeah - I'm coming!" she says.

"Just - I piled a bunch of stuff in front of the door when your dog was scratching at it. Let me move it out of the way."


It seems Iv'e caught up. Took me almost a week to get here but it was worth it. I found you through TV Tropes if you're still keeping track of that stuff. Keep up the good work Zach!

I shall! Glad you caught up, and I am still always interested to hear where people heard about this comic from. A surprising number of people come through TVTropes. Whoever set that page up there - thank you!