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Was he a POW?

"You were a prisoner of war?" asks Amie, thinking over everything she knows about this guy. "Why didn't I know that?"

There is a pause. The wood of the floor in the closet creaks under her feet.

"No, I - there is a man I hurt. You are talking as though you are knowing me," says Gregor. "But I am not remembering meeting you. I am thinking perhaps you should come out now, yes?"


"Do not make me break down door please," says Gregor, not unfriendly. "Piotyr - she gets excited."

"I -"

As an aside Amie, do linen closets have laundry chute?

Oh holy shit! That's what that thing is! It's half buried in fallen shelves, but that is a damned laundry chute!


+1 reader, I took the long way around (several months). Terrifically fun story and amazing dedication on your part, well done!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.