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Amie: The girl you're chasing? Bina? Anyway I'm not her

"I'm not her! The girl you're chasing."

"I see," says Gregor.

There is a pause.

"I am thinking you are telling the truth. The other one, she is perhaps much smaller than you are? I am only seeing you at a distance but you are not the same shape."

"Hey!" says Amie.

"I mean no offence, she is very little, and also she would have -" he makes a whooshing noise with his mouth. "Vanished, yes? By now?"

"Probably," says Amie, desperately wishing she could vanish. Why doesn't her version of the Moment come with convenient teleportation?

"So girl-who-is-not-a-mouse why are you here? This is not, how you say, a normal place which means you are not a normal girl."