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Eric Wilcox:
Amie: run full speed for the window and at the last second dive, tuck up into a ball… and slide into the wall below the window. Yes, hitting the wall full sped will hurt but less than sharp glass shards, and if you're lucky the sudden stop will throw off the naught whose momentum will carry then through the window and out of the building.

Amie does not jump out the window.

Images leap into her mind, of slashing herself to ribbons, right through the hazmat suit, then crashing down, bleeding, twenty feet onto her neck and managing to kill herself not just once, but twice.

Her tombstone would read 'Here lies Amie, most inept of Companions.'

She hits the wall, hard, and her hip reminds her that really it's totally fine! Everything is great in the old hip-town. Just ducky!

Of course, she didn't manage to keep her feet under her, which does make this whole manoeuvre a bit more suspect in terms of not getting gacked.

The naught hits right above her, its greater mass and and height carrying it almost entirely out the window.

But not all the way…