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Dave Rapp:
Is it running after you? Or is it just running in the same direction as you?

Yeah - sure, she'll slow down and ask!

Amie> Try to head down the stairs. With luck Gregor will be just coming down the stairs by the time you reach them, so you might be able to point at him & yell out, "He's the one! Get him!"

That would be an amazing plan if she were running in the direction of the stairs, unfortunately the naught came from the direction of the stairs, possibly from the third floor, and so she's running towards the t-junction at the end of the hall because the alternative is a face full of mummified goop.

gaining speed? Can you find a corner to turn around?

There's one right here!

But if she slows down to turn it's probably going to grab her! Oh jeeze, she really doesn't want to get naught-ed again!

Of course… there is the window.


new reader!! (read over a course of 2-3 weeks) i love this comic + can't wait to see where it goes

Aah! Thanks dodona! Welcome to the PTP! I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes too. :)

Just started and caught up, took two weeks! Great writing and a really fun medium - I can't wait to join in the fun now :D.

Hi vikachan19! Thank you so much for reading.