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If the dog drops down here she really is going to have to throw a rock and run - and hope the universe doesn't implode or explode or whatever kind of ploding involves her screwing up everything,

But… Piotyr doesn't drop down - not right away at least.

"No," says Gregor again, cajoling. "Look - it is this way? This way is much better, yes? "

Above her, the floor creaks again, and she can hear the sound of Gregor's boots on the wooden floor.

OK - OK, that's good.

Telling them to jump in a pit might not work now, you'll have to give them a different order. They just heard Gregor say "do not go in the hole", so they might think that's part of their orders now.

Ah crap! OK - that's annoying. She just needs to find something else to tell them!

Also, keep in mind that he said "She is not here. She is up, fifth floor I am thinking?" So if the Naughts were ordered to get Bina, they might start heading up now. Watch to see what this one does.

She almost starts to relax -

- when the damned naught starts climbing the goddam wall!