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Lord Skeleton:
quietly check behind you to hopefully avoid sneak attacks

Amie checks the rest of the hallway. She doesn't see any naughts, but that weird dry smell is even stronger here.

Just shooting for realism here: have a brief moment of panic when it finally hits you that you don't really have a plan after all.

She does though! She's just going to tell the naughts that the path to their destination runs through the deepest, darkest, furthest away, pit they can find.

And… of course if that doesn't work she's going to throw a rock at them and then run real fast.

She's just about to try it, her mouth literally opening, when she hears Gregor speak from above.

"What are you doing girl? Come on. She is not in here. She is up, fifth floor I am thinking? Yes - this is what I am telling you. Come - no, do not go in the hole."