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> Well, better safe than sorry; leave it be until he gets back.

Bina decides to do the right thing and not be nosey. She'll go back and sit on the horrible chairs, eat the rest of her cookies and wait the fifteen minutes for her laundry to be finished. It would be wrong of her to look at the strange man's clothes, a complete violation of his privacy.

She'll just go sit down and - oh who is she kidding.

> No time left? Open it up to see why it's not done already.

Agreed. It's the stupid thing to do but that's always the most fun.

She's totally going to look inside.

As soon as she opens the cover, the wildly shaking washing machine immediatley stills.

Wow! She didn't expect that! It's full of -


Dirty clothes, like REALLY dirty, but just clothes. Bina doesn't know what she was expecting, but it wasn't just clothes.

She can't see very deep into the filthy water, but she thinks the washer is full of one of those denim coveralls, the kind that janitors, or construction workers sometimes wear.

All that dirt from one outfit? He must have been rolling in the stuff.

And Bina thought her job at the restaurant was mucky!