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OK, good idea. She's not terribly good at this but after a bit of searching - Aha! That's definitely a naught's bare foot-print. Her wriggly pals came this way -

- and that is a paw print… sort of.

So Piotyr came this way too. She see's nothing that looks like a boot-print, either Bina-sized or Gregor-sized, so it's possible that neither human took this path. That makes Amie uneasy.

Gregor can't get Bina without the timeline going poof… but he can still get her.


+1! Wow, what a ride. Doctor Who influence notwithstanding, this is one of the most original creations I've come across. Also, you won my undying loyalty when you referenced Classic Who.

Hi 12ftScarf! Yes! Undying loyalty. Excellent. Glad you made it to the PTP! Please tell the people in your life who like sci-fi and fantasy horror stuff!

Also please stick around and make suggestions! That would be cool.