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Service hallway. Offers more opportunities to get behind/around naughts, and prevent being trapped.

Amie decides to try the fabric covered hallway, rather than the elevators. The elevators themselves are definitely not working, and there might be more useful stuff in the hallway.

The hallway itself is dark, and not a utility hallway but a connection to the first floor rooms. Amie can see tracks in the dust.

Someone else has definitely come this way in the last few minutes, but whether it's the naughts or Gregor and the dog she can't say for certain.

There is another creak from up above.


Jooles C:
+1 reader :D
What a fantastic story this is, and so much respect for the dedication in following this through. Got through the archive in about 3 days. Can't wait to join you all for the rest of this journey

Hi Jooles! Welcome to the PTP! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Please stick around and make suggestions!