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A…colorful…hotel. Do you hear the drums yet? I hope you don't, but please blurt it out loud when you do.

No drums, yet. She's really hoping that the two naughts she's seen so far are the only ones. Where the heck did they come from… and where did they go?

She doesn't see them in the main lobby.

Viscount Godfrey de Furlers:
Examine the board behind the desk. There are keys still attached to it, which means not only are there rooms you know for a fact no one can be in yet, you also have the opportunity to go hide in them if the need arises. Take note of the room numbers and swipe all the keys.

She does see keys though. Those could be useful.

She heads behind the counter to grab them when she hears a gentle creak in the timbers over her head.


Oh man, just spent 5 days reading through this, loveing it!

Hi James! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Stick around and make suggestions. :)