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So are you going to try to command them? Better get thinking about what command will work. I'd add a task they must complete before they capture Bina, like "Procure and don banana suits." That should keep them busy for a while and doesn't contradict their initial orders.

OK, yeah, that's good. She can just add a conditional or something to their task. She can't call out to them though, there's too much of a risk that Gregor or Bina would hear her. If she can just get close enou -

And they've headed into the building. Bugger.

OK, so here's the plan, get close enough to the naughts to tell them that the only way they can capture people is while wearing banana suits. Then she runs away and… probably waits for one Bina or another to come get her. She'll worry about that when it happens.


It could be, but what are the alternatives?

She pushes herself up off of the gritty dust-pile and her hip reminds her that it's totally fine.

Completely OK. Working absolutely perfectly.

That's good, she's glad her hips doing OK. She just wishes it would stop announcing that so emphatically every time she moved…

Everything is going to be all right. Just get close to them and talk about banana suits…