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Naughts> Pull a jumpscare.

OK no, please don't do that. That would be the worst. No glomping either! Once was more than enough of - oh jeeze, they're right there! Just inside the door!

Did she just miss them? No, they must have been just standing there, in the doorway, half in and half out of the building, not moving.

That's weird, right? For naughts?

As she watches they move a little further into the building.

If they're just entering the building now, they're not moving very fast. From what Amie's seen, naughts tend to move along at a pretty good clip for creatures without a functioning circulatory system, but these ones are sort of… meandering.

Meandering in precisely the wrong direction for Amie's taste, but not meandering with any particular urgency. Maybe the multiple Bina's are confusing them?