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J R:
Amie: Find a comfy spot to sit and let events take place, safe in the notion that you can't do something wrong if you aren't doing anything at all.

Amie decides she might as well check the bag B4 left behind.

It's just more of these little sensors. Dozens of them, wrapped in plastic bags, probably to protect them from the dust.

Jeeze, she must have spent a long time making these. Amie tries to imagine what kind of map you can make with something like this and draws a blank. Won't it all just show all the holes that Four poked herself?

Seems a little redundant to Amie.

Amie checks the pockets and -

- huh. She wasn't expecting this to be there.

Before she can think about what this means, she hears the sound of drums. Bina must be back. Hopefully this time with an actual description of what she's supposed to do.