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"And they changed direction," says Bina. "The one in front turned and they went past me in the dark."

amie: don't get me wrong, this is all super exciting and fascinating, but why are you telling me this here and/or now? Why couldn't I go with B4 to meet everyone and you tell us there?

"OK," says Amie, even more confused now. "That's… awesome but is that… it?"

"Yeah," says Bina. "That's it."

"But why… tell me?" asks Amie. "I don't get it."

"No idea," says Bina. "But I should get going, I'm burning Moment, and you need to do whatever you're about to do."


<cute CSI: Miami meme that was completely destroyed by my unicode-to-ascii conversion>

Zach, my hat is off to you. This is one of the most interesting, fun, addictive internet distractions I've ever experienced (possibly because this was my first interactive webcomic, but I suspect it's a lot more than just that), and while I'm a little dismayed at the lack of a Next button, I'm more stoked that I made it to the PTP before the end. I wasn't one of those 3-day reader maniacs, mostly because I have a more-than-full-time job and two tiny humans to keep alive, so I was pretty resigned to catching up just as it ended. Thus I figured I should just take my time and enjoy it. :)

Very much looking forward to contributing, and mildly hopeful that I might get a chance to contribute meaningfully to this, although I'm more likely to provide comic relief suggestions (or just comic relief) than insight or brilliantly intelligent suggestions. ;)

I am also hoping to contribute to the wiki in the near future, although this will be the first time I feel passionate enough about something to help build a wiki, as well.

The things I appreciate the most about your epic, Zach:

* The art changes. If you had told me that I would find varied art styles during the course of a single webcomic to be enjoyable, I would have looked at you askance, but it really works here. The story and character consistency keep everything on track, so a new art style is refreshing and makes me notice when scenes/story moods change. And it's been hella fun watching your ability improve over the years.
* The handling of time shenanigans. You do a really good job of keeping track of everything and closing loops (still a few to go, yay), and there have been very few times when I've had to put on my Suspenders of Disbelief to hold my story pants up.
* The characters. They're very compelling and extremely full-fleshed. Most of them are likable, and pretty much all of them are at least relatable. I fall somewhere in the middle of the Amie spectrum. No, she's not the the brightest bulb, but I don't see her as a willful saboteur. She's just very, very selfish and in over her head, and unfortunately mostly unwilling to admit either thing. That doesn't make her evil, just (pretty much averagely) human. Gregor is a wonderful villain, and I will be very sad if he dies (but not surprised, despite "everyone lives"). Bina and Kendra are wonderful. B4 is wonderful. Emmie is wonderful. It's just a really wonderful cast of characters.
* The feels. I laugh at most webcomics, cry at very few, and generally that's my webcomic emotional range. Sometimes mild rage when a villain does something particularly heinous. But this comic hits all my feeling buttons. I had the misfortune of reading Piotr's death scene at work and had to hide in the bathroom so I didn't have to explain the tears. I've gone back and read that scene two other times and sobbed like a baby both times. A WEBCOMIC SHOULDN'T BE CAPABLE OF MAKING ME FEEL ALL THE FEELS. Which is the biggest proof, imho, that this is something extremely special.
* Your commitment. I mean, I write stories, and sometimes I can go a full week when I'm really feeling it. But I have to stop from time to time. You not only put your commitment right out on the internet, but you stuck with it. It's, frankly, amazing, and I hope you have someone in your physical life who a) appreciates that and b) supports you.

Bottom line, Zach, your little 2-3 month horror story has greatly entertained me for several weeks and will stick with me long after it's over. It has, unexpectedly but happily, improved my life. Never before have I been this impacted by a work of art and also been able to communicate directly with the artist to convey my appreciation. Thank you.

Wow! That is really really nice of you. Thank you so much for this. I'm really glad you caught up as well!

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