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"Well… she's chipper," says Bina. "When I threaten people, is it… always like that?"

"Yes," says Amie.

"Ah," says Bina. "Sorry. It just - it looks a bit different from the outside."

Amie: Brain, checking out now.

"Why are you here Bina?" asks Amie, tired and confused.

"Because I, apparently, have to tell you a story."

"What? Why?"

That doesn't make any sense at all to Amie. Bina wouldn't risk time travel, not just for that.

"You see, I may not have been entirely accurate with you about Emmie and the Naught in the alleyway."


Chase Ashworth:
Welp, I caught up.

Hi Chase! Welcome to the PTP!

I just had a terrible feeling, or briskly walking along a gallery, and then stepping out into an empty void without even gravity. Turning around as I float uncontrollably away to see scaffolding and construction in progress. Damn, the archive's run out, and now I'll have to wait for each page!

Hi Urist! Like Unhatly said, this is interactive! Please hang around and make suggestions!