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Amie> go with b4 …? Or should you stay with your Bina?? Decisions, decisions.

"Uhhh," says Amie, trying to stall.

"What?" asks Four.

Should she go? Is that what Bina had meant about Kendra shenanigans? Four just asked about Kendra but maybe the shenanigans involved going to find her as well?

But if they go find her, why come back here? If Amie doesn't come back here, why would future-her send B13 back here to meet her? Is this some kind of complicated meta-trolling where she sends Bina to troll her past self in some kind of weird mobius-loop of eternal awkwardness, embarrassment, and confusion?

"Come on," says Four. "What's the hold up?"

She risks a look over towards Bina's hiding place -

- where Bina is jabbing her finger towards the ground. Stay here.

Of course. This couldn't be easy.

"I uh…" starts Amie before realizing she has absolutely no convincing reason to stay behind.