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Amie > Give Bina a "really?…" Look and say "Nothing… just like you told me…"

"I'm just - waiting. Like you told me to."

"Right, can you hold this for a second? Thanks."

"Oof," says Amie, barely managing to catch the heavy bag.

"Jeezus, what do you have in here?"

"Last of the sensors," says Four, scribbling in her journal. "Hey - this Kendra chick that future-me is hanging out with, does she have poofy hair sort like this?"


"Really tall?" asks Four.

"Um… yes? That sounds like her."

"OK cool. Well I think I found them then. Come on."

Four turns away, expecting Amie to come with her.


Hi ExParrot! Glad you made it! :)

oh my god im here. i've hit the ptp.

Hi BonesTheHeretic! Glad you made it too!

Lots of good theory-crafting today.