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Amie: current me is still sorry.

"I'm sorry I - did you… come back to yell at me?"

"No Amie," sighs Bina. "If I wanted to do that, I could have just continued yelling at you in the future. And while I'm tempted to yell at you now, for this, - "

" - you implied we had very little time between the stuff about Kendra, and whatever you're about to do."


Hi everyone, +1 reader. I just caught up to the present, loving every repeating minute of it!

I still am betting that somehow, somewhere in the future of this story, it will be revealed that the "Bina falls to her death" sequence was kept in the archive because it actually did happen, and is canon to the storyline. Schoedinger's Bina will be revealed to be both alive and dead, probably the Green Lady's doing, and this is significant because… (garbled transmission, signal cuts out)

Hi Jarawara!

Thats… an interesting idea. :)

I'm glad you caught up, and thank you for reading. Stick around! Make suggestions!