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Chris Stevens:
Amie> Calm down… she may be testing you, to see how you handle things under pressure. its best to stay calm, you know what she is doing, take a breath, relax a bit, and take look around the rooftop, she may be putting a sensor in a room nearby, and saved it for last and is probably going to be setting it up as you walk in.

OK, OK. So maybe it's a test? She'll just - she'll look around and -

How long has it been? She's got less entropy, but you've already put two holes in this time and exact location in the past, what, minute? And you'd need another two for Bina to come back and then to leave again. Maybe her damage doesn't look as bad as a tower being cut in two, but four holes in less than five minutes still might do damage even this early in the loops.

Give it ten minutes before you do anything drastic.

Or maybe she's waiting a bit until the local spacetime damage clears? Yeah! OK, yeah, that makes sense. Four has been really cavalier with her time travel so far, but even she wouldn't put two holes in space-time right next to each other, right?


She'll just wait. She'll wait a few minutes before deciding what she has to do next.

She'll just wait.

Everything will be fine.