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Yes, please tell us why you are lying and why you don't trust Bina's judgment on the Botfly! I mean, you really aren't as informed as she is of whats going on.

She doesn't know! It was a spur of the Moment thing picking up the watch, and then she was going to tell everyone but by the time everyone was settled it was too late. Of course it doesn't matter now, it's all going to come out. Four will tell Bina and then she'll have to explain again.

I think you maybe got a little too excited about time travel and carried away with Doctor Who, thinking you could be a big hero?

She never wanted to be a big hero! She just…

… she wanted to matter.

She's not looking forward to seeing Emmie's expression when all this comes out.

She'll be lucky if they just stick her on a bus.


Wait… if Bina is using time travel to place the rest of the markers…

… shouldn't she be back already?