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"I didn't say that!"

"You implied it!"

Amie: Um, well maybe we are here to get it from you? So your whole existence here hasn't been a waste? Oh my that was rude.

"Maybe we get it from you! Now!"

B4 does not look particularly pleased with that option.

"This is supposed to give us a better understanding of the whole time travel situation," says Bina. "It would be useful to all of me. Not just Thirteen."

Chris Stevens:
AMIE-> "we… Might??? have the map… we… I… haven't been able to go through all the journals. there are…. way too many from all of the previous iterations."

Vincent Van Laak:
> Amie: Well look, there are actually a lot of Binas between you and me. And, uh, some of them have had some problems. I know we have. So… I guess it must have gotten lost. Taken out of the moment and dropped somewhere.

"Well - I don't know for sure OK? The Moment is almost gone in our time and maybe it got lost, or maybe Bina - my Bina - just didn't tell me about it. She wouldn't let me read most of your journals."

"Well… good."

"'Cause of all the sex stuff."


"Of which there was, apparently, a lot."

"Yes, I get that Amie."

"Like really a lot."

"Thank you Amie, I know."

There is a moment of embarassed silence.

"Why are we here?" asks Amie. "I get that you're putting sensors everywhere but - "

Bina coughs, "Right - you and your idiot Me must have punched at least two enormous great holes in this timeline when you arrived. So if we finish my map, we'll be able to figure out when they are."

"OK, great! 'Cause I'm getting worried about them. How long will that take?"

"Well - if we don't sit here talking, about five minutes per marker?"

"How… many more markers do you need to place?"

"Thirteen hundred, twenty four," says Bina.

"Oh…" says Amie.

"For a complete picture," says Bina.

"Right!" says Amie. "Well that's… great!"


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