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The journals end before you finish your map <_<


"I don't - "

Which is something that Amie should NOT tell B4…

Even though B4 is aware that she fails in her own Loop (it's easy to figure that out because she's already met someone from a later Loop), telling B4 any details of her own future is huge paradox. Best to leave it as "we haven't seen your map, at least not yet. If my Bina saw it, she hasn't shown it to me."

"I - "

Chaz Wallace:
I disagree, it'd be paradox if it changes something. Amie and the rest being here is why it never went forward. so it's the past for B13 and crew, it's future knowledge for B4, but in reality it's a current event for everyone involved, so it's the present? (gotta love time travel)

"I'm not sure I should -"

*(gotta love hate time travel)


"I - I am not sure how to respond to that question without maybe destroying the universe."

"So you don't have it," says Bina. "Great… just great."


So guess what I did today for Walking backwards? If you thought 'more revisions' you are correct!

So that was my first pass, but I wasn't entirely happy with it, so I went back and revised the fourth page again.

It has been a weird experience being able to go back and move things around, let me tell you.

Dag nab it. I caught up. This is truly an amazing story, and it has stolen more precious sleep from me in the past three days than my one year old twins have. Just letting you know how amazing and addictive reading this is.

Hi Isolde! Thank you very much! I hope you are recovering from your lack of sleep. Please stick around and post comments and suggestions! :)