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Aha! Terrified hand flexing appears to have finally convinced her veins that now is not a time to be shy.

Bina: Jab like there's no tomorrow!

And jab she does!

Is that in a vein? Lets hope that's in a vein shall we?

Nnnnoooope, nope. That doesn't feel right.

That was not in a vein. That was just her skin. She just injected some of the medicine into her skin.

Hi Bina.

Just so you know, if your skin is pale enough to see your vein, it distorts the image. Don't be surprised if you have to dig around a bit to get the needle where you need it. Also, deep breaths, girl, you can do this. You already pulled that glowy tendril thing out of your wrist like a pro, in comparison this is easy!

Oh right, yeah, she remembers hearing that somewhere. Grey's Anatomy maybe? Her room-mate has all of the seasons in those DVD boxes piled beside their TV and while Bina doesn't really LIKE the show much, she's absorbed a whole lot about it by pop-cultural osmosis.

Bina's not sure if it really applies here, she's spent a lot of time outside this summer at the restaurant and her family's never really been deprived of melanin or anything. Her family is from Hyderabad and it gets very very very hot there. Like a million degrees. In December. I mean, she IS pale, right now, due to, you know, being terrified out of her head, because she's probably going to die, because she can't figure out out how to work a goddam syringe but she's -

She's just going to try again. Because she is panicking and panicking is not helping. She got the wire out. She got away from Gregor. She has mostly managed to keep her shit together despite time travel and giant dogs and something INSIDE her ARM maybe kinda sorta sending her back through time. She can do this.

It is just! A goddam! Needle!

She can DO this.

Deeeeeeeep breaths.

Here we go. Take three. Or fifteen. Or five hundred. Or whatever.

In goes the needle.

If that is not in a vein then she's really out of time. The not-wind has stopped gusting randomly and is now applying unified constant pressure to her whole body, flattening her hair and clothes against her body. It is sort being at the bottom of a deep swimming pool, at high summer, if the pool were somehow angry with you and actively hostile.

Her ears ache.

Plunger down.




That seemed to work.


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