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Sarah Hubbard:
So, is that a tiny figure on the roof B4 is pointing to as herself?

"That's you?" asks Amie.

"Yeah, the one up there is from… two weeks ago."

"And there's another one of you down in that other building?"


"How many times have you been back to this moment?"

"Down here?" asks Bina, implying a level of specificity Amie finds alarming.

"Seven? Yeah, seven, though day 96 is about to jump back in a few minutes."


Hey everyone! I'm going to be starting a new short project over on tumblr. I'm going to be trying to do an open development 3D comic.

You can read all about it here.

Come check it out! I can't promise it will go anywhere, but I can promise I'm going to try.

Wolph Strykes:
Inspired by @abibiliboop and the Schrodinger graffiti cats…. Graffiti Kitties! (also distracting myself from the feeling of impending doom)

That impending doom feeling and I know each other well. I hope you managed to chase it away with adorable kitties!

This is super amazing Wolph! Thank you so much!