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> Lay low for a few hours, you could use some rest, right?

"So we just… lay low, right?" asks Emmie. "Just avoid past-you and look for Amie?"

I think the biggest problem with them staying would be that not-Piotyr can sense the unlight in Bina's hand, which might screw up this timeline's Bina's first meeting with the creepy dog.

"I dunno," says Bina. "Gregor doesn't have the other naughts this time, but the Hound is still going to be able to smell me."

At this point isn't not Piotry still the size of a normal Beegle? If that's the case I would assume she would have trouble leaving the building without Gregor to help her. Of course it's still possible that she somehow indicates something is wrong to Gregor.

"But she's not very big in this loop right?" says Kendra. "She'll just be dog-sized?"

"Yeah, but she's still magical and undead," says Bina.

"Rrright," says Kendra. "Yes I was forgetting that."


welp dam just caught up with this and it is a good read also may or may not have show it to a few other people who may or may not start reading it so +1 (+10 or so if they start)

Hi HimuraMizuki! Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing this with other people! That was super cool of you!