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>Bina: flex your arm as hard as possible for ms.vein to appear, also slightly eject some of it so no air bubbles are present, that can kill ya

Oh right!

Crap! Arm flexing powers ACTIVATE and -

There go the bubbles.

A small amount of the fluid arcs from the end of the syringe and is instantly absorbed by the carpet. Bina briefly wonders what phenytoin does too carpet.

Probably stops it from having seizures.


She REALLY hopes that this isn't some kind of elaborate way of getting her to poison herself. That would suck.


Tiny update tonight because Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone!

Tricky question! I have some ideas and its going to be non-interactive, but I haven't drawn the panels yet or anything. I don't know what state the room is going to be in when Bina's waveform collapses. I have an vague idea, but you all constantly surprise me with your suggestions, so I can't be sure.