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"How long did all this take to setup?" asks Amie. "And why here? I mean…"

"… it's not exactly comfy."

"A few months," says Bina. "I learned a lot more about plumbing than I ever thought I'd have to, but it wasn't that hard, and of course I had the time. I lived in a hotel for a while, but after that… here."

"Why not stay in our apartment?"

"That was Three's place," says Bina. "I couldn't stay there."

"And the hotel?" asks Amie.

"I couldn't stay there either. There was something… wrong with the hallways."

"The hallways?"

"I - it sounds crazy but whenever I'd walk through them, I kept expecting to see people. I thought I had, once or twice."

"Were there any?" asks Amie. "There's been a lot of weird -"

"No," says Bina. "No, no people. Just my imagination. This place is better. No pretending here."


The Mighty Meadomancer:
So, I caught up a while ago, but I finally feel like posting something.

Is it just me, or did the change in tone from cthonic nightmare to sometimes-confusing Doctor Who episode kind of sneak up on other people too? I didn't really notice it happening until it had already happened.

Hi Meadomancer! Welcome to the PTP!

It kinda snuk up on me too! :)