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"Because - just - jeeze! So many things! You're her, but not her and I'm having way more empathy for Ben and Polly then I thought I ever would!"


Magic hobo:

"Yes! Dr. Who! They freaked out when Hartnell turned into Patrick Troughton!"

Magic hobo:
B4 >> Wut.

"I am now completely confused," says Bina.

"Just shut up and let me tell the story!" says Amie, realizing she's definitely freaking out, but is unable to really stop herself.

"About Ben and Polly? I don't think I really care about -"

"No! Me! Let me tell my story about me! About how I got here, stop interrupting!"



"Yes!" says Bina, sounding a little annoyed.

There is a long slow quiet moment. The breeze, even this high, is soft and pleasent. It tugs lightly at their clothing and hair.

It is 9:37 in the morning. It is always 9:37 in the morning.

"… so, are you going to start now or -"

"YES! You're doing the thing again!"

"OK, I'll just… I'll just be quiet."

Unclever title:
>Start the story from the beginning.

"OK… OK so like, I guess it starts, for me, the morning after it started for you. I was half asleep when I heard what I thought was you messing about in the kitchen…"