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"Please don't look at me like that!"

"Like what?"

"Like you think I did something wrong!"

"Amie, if I didn't bring you in, then there's only one other -"

"I don't work for the Botfly! It's just - you were dying and -"

"I'm dead in your timeline?" asks Bina. "You could have led with that."

"No! I - we got you to a hospital. You're fine. I mean - I think so. You were fine last time I saw you. I mean - not fine - but like, OK at least? Sorta."



"You said we got you to a hospital."

"Kendra and Elizabeth, and I - we went back in time and -"

B4: Who are Kendra and Elizabeth?

"Who are Kendra and Elizabeth?"

"God this is so weird!"