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"So," asks the Bina who is not Amie's Bina, once the breakfast is mostly finished and the tea has been served.

"Which one are you? Seven? Eight? Your duplicate is fine by the way, I looked in on her."


+1 reader!

Whew, finally caught up. Uhh… I feel like I should say something profound, but I'm mostly just tired, ahaha.

Amazing webcomic, Zach! I've laughed, I've…felt sad (not much of a crier), I've definitely been very worried for these characters for most of it! And then the brief moments where they have a bit of peace? I never expected the whole thing to be so *moving*.

(I already tricked my brother into reading it, he's been caught up since August. The poor guy's still in high school, so his choices are usually doing homework or something that looks plausibly homework-like. :P )

If I had caught up before yesterday's reveal I'd have been going to bed secretly hoping for a Banana Bina (Binana?) reveal - the kind of fandom silliness that's awesome to think about, but probably should never happen. Digging the short hair, though. She looks kind of the gangly teenager to B13's Xena, warrior nine year old.

There's definitely more mysteries to ponder, even in this last week - I can't think of why Amie should be suspicious of not feeling pain in her hip, not to mention why B4 was chosen over best girl B3 - but I'm pretty content to stick around and let them happen at their own pace. I'll certainly be adding suggestions, but for now just let the poor girl pee!

Hi Nate! I'm glad you caught up! Thank you so much for reading and commenting along the way. Welcome to the PTP! I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future. :)