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"Come out Amie," says Bina.

"I know you're there."


I just learned Canadian thanksgiving is Oct 9, so happy late Thanksgiving!

(I didn't even know Canada had thanksgiving, tbh, I always thought it was a US only holiday, whoops.)

We do, but it's not really as big a deal here? It seems big news in the states, but here it's just a holiday.

I finally caught up! I actually started reading this years ago, but I lost my bookmarks at some point and I guess I forgot about this, but boy am I glad I saw it again, I loved this way back and I still love it now, I look forward to reading the rest!

Thanks Toastscience! I'm glad you found your way back here. I have about… two comics left where that happened to me, and I always sort of am vaguely looking out for them. I am surprisingly pleased that All Night Laundry was that comic for you.

Welcome to the PTP, please stick around.