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I'd say follow them. Thus:
> Open the pink envelope and remove the syringe
> Take the green envelope unopened
> Lie down on your back, with the green envelope underneath you
> Inject the phenyltoin
> Repeat the phrase "I must lie down" over and over

Uhh…. right! Ok. Ok yes. Doing this. Doing this now.


Bina snatches both envelopes from the wall. They're attached with packing tape and come away easily.

>Wait this has all happened before? But how you certainly don't remember any of this. Why does 11 only have a crappy pen? Hide the green one in your… well where no one would look normally.

She shoves the green one down her top, whatever is inside it is small and hard. The pink one she rips open, pulling out a stubby glass syringe and what looks like sewing elastic. A tourniquet.

Dammit, she was hoping for something like an epi-pen or something. You know, something that completely untrained people can use. But no, THAT would be too easy. This is a real syringe. Bina's never used one before.

The roaring sound is very strong now. Much stronger then it was in Josephine's office. It's like being on top of a train. A train that kept changing direction every two seconds.

And was somehow alive.

She starts looping the elastic around her arm.

It's just like on TV. You just apply the tourniquet, and then you find a vein, stick it in, and depress the plunger.

Easy peasy! Right?

How tight does this have to go? Better make it pretty ti-

Ah crap!

Ah double crap!

This is the arm with the green stuff in it! She'd have to move the bandages get at a vein! She has a feeling that letting the green stuff out right now would be really, really, REALLY, stupid. Lethal levels of stupid.

Other arm! Other arm! Hurry!

She starts to undo the makeshift tourniquet, but just as she's getting it unwrapped, a particularly vicious gust of the not-wind hits her and she loses her balance.

She hits the ground awkwardly, for once NOT landing directly on her tail-bone, but she loses her grip on the syringe.

The short, stubby thing flies through the air.


Oh my god this adventure, I got the chills just looking at that panel. I love stuff like this, jack-frac you are the best. <3

Aww! Thank you!