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Hmmm… down doesn't look particularly appealing.

Dave Rapp:

The smell of food makes her feel more cautious, but at the same time, less worried. Naughts don't cook and neither do Cybermen.

Cooking is not a common feature of monsters, now she thinks about it. The Botfly would certainly be less scary if it had a penchant for pastry.


Food < restroom.
You can go roughly 30 days without food.
You cannot hold your bladder that long.

If someone is cooking something they probably have a bathroom and that sounds like a really great place to be right now.


Enzo C:
Hey! I just started reading earlier this week, and I'm excited to see i'm not late to this adventure now that i've caught up. This is awesome!!!

Hi Enzo! Thank you and welcome to the PTP! Glad you caught up. Please stick around and make suggestions!