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Why would an elevator have a door handle?

That's a good question, maybe it's a door to a room with an eleva-


"Hello?" says Amie, her voice echoing down the metal staircase. Why is she here?

She steps forward to head down, but then stops. She smells something, unexpected but not unpleasant.

Food. Something spicy, frying. The smell wakes up Amie's stomach (and her bladder) who cheerfully inform her that she's been asleep for a while, quite a while, she's hungry. How long was she out? Didn't she just eat pizza?

When she thinks about that, her hip fails to twinge in pain. It is aggressively and entirely normal. This non-sensation is disconcerting enough that she nearly trips and falls on her impromptu skirt.

The smell of food is coming from up the staircase.


After a week of reading, I'm finally caught up. At the end of Chapter 2 I was hoked and knew I couldn't read this at work anymore (I had too much work to do). So I started reading it at home. It has consumed so much time. And it has been SO worth it. I have read so many web comics, but this one. This has stolen my heart. All those awesome jaw dropping moments, all the times I laughed, all the times I actually cried! And now I'm here where I can drop comments and suggestions! A million "thank you"s Zach for doing this marvelous thing. You have fashioned something truly special and spectacular here. =)

Aah! Thank you so much for reading all the way through, and thank you for your very kind and encouraging words.