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Amie>> even with that bedsheet it's gotta be drafty. Time to find an exit. Pants await!

Hmm… this lack of pants situation continues to suck.

Where is the door? Both of the main walls are blank, covered in splotchy drywall and plaster -

Sam Panda:
Amie: Look at "what might be a pillar."

- but what about the central pillar?

OK, well, that's a relief. From where she stands now, she can see the outline of a door on the side of the column. It's probably an elevator or maybe a staircase.

The human-ness of the door handle feels somehow comforting in this stark and weird room.


Very well caught gaeilal. You are correct. :)

Just caught up. Wow what an amazing ride! Cant wait to see where this goes! +1 reader.

Thank you very much! Welcome to the PTP!