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>Amie: Use bedsheet as an improvised skirt/sarong/toga thing. Extra protection never hurt.

Amie wraps the sheet around her waist into a simple skirt. She considers trying to make a toga-kind of thing, but she's never tried that before, and besides, she might have to run. Its better to be naked then eaten by monsters.

>Amie: Examine room

The room is big and appears to be almost entirely empty save the bed and what might be a pillar in the middle of the room. The dimensions are messing with her head, the room is so narrow, and so long, that it looks like the ceilings should be low and stuffy, but they're not, they're like two stories high.

She is left feeling very small and exposed.

There's no dust on the floor, no smells beyond a faintly musty closed in smell. There are no sounds at all, not even the expected faint hum of overhead lighting or air conditioning. Not that there could be, looking around she sees no light sockets or vents.

What is this place?

'It looks like a set,' a part of her mind whispers. 'Something made of cgi and cheap foam. Watch, you're going to trip and make a noise, then naughts or Cybermen are going to lurch out from behind those weird angled columns and you're going to scream and -'

She tries to ignore that voice. It's only gotten her in trouble so far.

"Hey!" she calls out, through dry lips. Her voice echoes back to her from the concrete of the walls and floors. "Hey! Bina? Emmie? I'm awake! Where are you guys?"

There is no response but echoes. The anticipated Cybermen fail to appear.

There are no other beds, no clothes, no shoes, no anything. The room is empty. If her friends are here, they don't appear to be on this floor.