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> Examine liquid leaking from machine.

It looks like the machine is shaking so much that the lid is coming loose and the wash water is running down the sides.

> Taste the liquid coming out of the machine

Yeah! Like she's going to do THAT. It looks gross, like 'dirty water out of a ditch' kind of gross. She can see big thick black particles of somethign in it. Dirt probably. It smells strange. Sharp, and weirdly dry. She can't place it, but its weirdly familiar.

What is that russian guy washing in there? It must be filthy.

>Do NOT touch the black stuff.

Yeah, no. She wasn't planning on it.

> How long until that machine is done? If it's not much, just deal with it.

Bina checks the dials to see how long until this thing should stop on its own, but the dial must be broken.

The say that there's no time left on the machine.