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"Now lets see if you survived this."

The Green Lady:
Amie> Be only partially dead, but take your sweet time in waking up.

"Pulse is OK. Eyes? Let's see. Not so good."

"Paradox damage? Maybe. What were you up too? Love the hair though… very cute and punky."


Mel Addams:
Hey! I caught up with this a few weeks ago, but forgot to come say anything. (Okay, so I was shy, and couldn't think of any commands to use as an anchor/excuse to make myself comment.) I LOVE this comic, and a bajilion kudos to you for maintaining it daily for so long. <3

I know some artists get eyetwitches when their work is compared to other things, so I'll refrain from specifics (unless you want to hear). But I will say that I have a massive mishmash-y crossover sort of thing in my brain between a lot of IPs with elements that fit together, all anchored and spurred by one in particular–and your comic fits in pretty dang well with it (which I personally find pleasing). That does somewhat color how I read your comic now and then, and I remember some crossover-links causing me to flail at pretty mundane stuff here that I imagine most other folks didn't bat an eye at. (And then part of me laughed at the rest of me, because it's hilarious.) In any case, I have my first suggestion! :D

Hi Mel!

Thank you for catching up, and for your enthusiasm. Your mishmash cross-over thing sounds interesting in a Tommy Westphall universe kind of way. Feel free to expound.