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>Kendra: Raise hand while face down in the dirt

"Mee…" croaks Kendra.


Bina decides she's probably fine. Travelling between timelines does appear to be pretty rough though, compared to regular old time travel.

"Aha! The bag survived. Good."

"Great," says Kendra, not moving. "That's just swell… Was that a military drone that exploded at us?"


"Why did it do that!?"

"I don't know, though I imagine we'll find out!"


I'm a new reader. I've been reading through the archive for about a week. I love the way you (author) have been using the comments to move and/or adjust the story. Please don't burn yourself out. I want this story to continue.

Hi jonesnate! Thank you for reading! You don't need to worry about me, I've gotten reasonably good at pacing myself by this point.

Hey! I finally got a discus account so I can post now! +1 Reader! Level Up!

Hi MooshKoosh! Welcome to the PTP! Glad you got a disqus account. Stick around and make suggestions!