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Amie stumbles forward in shock, landing and rolling on the gritty concrete of the overlook. She looks up, to her left, expecting to see something eating Emmie's face, because that's the kind of thing that happens to kind people like Emmie who don't have plot immunity.

But, when she looks, Emmie's fine. Scared, but fine.

He's not looking towards the trees though, or towards the chalet, both good arrival options for gribbly monsters, banana-suit wearing or otherwise.

Instead, he's looking at the sky…

… which is somehow more troubling.


aaaa such a good comic! just caught up in like, 3 days i think? i was looking for the "next" and couldn't find it and was like "OH NO" then i realized this is the most recent haha

Hi yanyangamer!

Welcome to the PTP! I'm glad you've enjoyed yourself! Stick around and make comments! :)