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Amie, quick, now's your last chance to confess to Emmie without the judgemental stares of Bina and Kendra! Tell Emmie about the watch and you two can work out a plan for how to not do terrible things with it or let terrible things be caused by you having it!

>Amie: That is your last chance. Do the right thing!

"Hey, Emmie?" says Amie, making a decision she hopes she's not going to regret.

"Hmm?" asks Emmie, standing up straight from where he had been leaning on the railing. "I think they're finished over there."

"I know! Just - real quick I - I found this thing and I - I have to tell you someone and -"

"Oh my!" yells Emmie, at a volume that Amie finds incredibly disproportionate to her level of disclosure, before realizing he's not even looking at her. "What is that!?"

The thunder catches up, and momentarily deafens everyone.


*clicks the right arrow key* …hm…
Well, it looks like the past has caught up to the future! Now I'm in the present!

Welcome to the present/future/now/today!

I am glad to have provided a distraction in your time of need. :)