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"Wait is that… is that it?"

"I think so…"

"Unless there's more callbacks, but I'm not seeing any."

"Well - I guess that means we're done. Not much to interdimensional travel when you get right down to it."

"Especially not when it's half finished already."

"Yeah, good idea on checking the Viewer code."

"Mmmmhmm, I just wish past-me had left more comments…"

"Well - you'll get to yell at her about that in a few minutes."

"Oh! I hadn't thought about that! Sweet! Unexpected benefit of destroying the universe."


Hey everyone! The ads are not me. It's Disqus activating them against my continuously expressed desire to not have ads. I've deactivated them again, and now it appears that I'll have to pay ten dollars a month to not inflict ads on everyone, but they're still showing up.

I admit myself mildly vexed.

Oh my god. I finally caught up. I started reading this two days ago. It's amazing!!!

Hi EmmiKay! Welcome to the PTP! Jeepers that's a quick read! Glad you enjoyed yourself!