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I think part of Amie's problem is that she's actually NOT the companion. At best, she's the tin dog.

"So I guess I'm the tin dog…" says Amie.

Tin dog had a laser.

"Tin dog had lasers," says Emmie.

"Shush you."

"All I'm saying is - if you had lasers the situation would be very different."


Aaaaaaaaaaaaand finally caught up.

Whew, what a ride.
Just wanna say, it's always fun to watch the direct evidence of someone improving, both as an artist and as a storyteller.

How the FUCK is this still not over? Didn't you start this years ago? Admirable dedication, but seriously, wow.

Hi Volttekka! Glad you've enjoyed reading, and it's always nice for people to see improvement. I still have trouble seeing it most days, because for me it's tiny incremental improvements over a huge amount of time.

As to your second question:

Ah ha ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha. Hah hah.

I have no idea.