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"I'm guessing Dr. Who is sort of important to you?"

"Mmmhmm," says Amie, not enthusiastic about the direction this conversation is going in.

"On like - maybe a spiritual level?"

"I dunno! Maybe? It's my favorite TV show."

"Yeah - OK? Yeah, it's really important to me! I met most of my friends through it! I go to conventions! I write fanfiction, lots of fanfiction, popular fanfiction! I'm a huge dork! Sue me!"

"Well…" says Emmie, unsure how to react to that.

"And I don't even know if I have a power! You guys keep talking about it but I dunno if I have it! I can't control it! I don't glow or anything, I don't even always know when it's happening."

"I don't think anyone expects you to be able to control it."

"Yeah? Well Kendra got really mad at me about the pizza thing and I didn't even know I'd done it!"

This throws Emmie for a second, "I… didn't know she did that."

"Yeah! Well… she did," Amie sighs. "I know - I know something is there, but every time I think about it it scoots away from me. I try to do something with it but it just - it's like trying to hold on to a handful of fog."

"Hmm… I think that's part of it."

"Part of what?" asks Amie, getting annoyed now. "What are you even talking about Emmie?"


Can't believe I've finally caught up! I was like "Noooo!" when I realised there were no more archives to read. I can't believe you update daily, that is a mission. No withdrawals here, I get to come back every day for something new!

Also, I found this from the Project Wonderful adverts. They really work, good call!

Hi Kewrie! Welcome to the PTP! I can't believe I update daily either. Aaah!

I'm always glad to hear that someone saw one of my ads! I see the numbers do things, but it's always best to hear from a person.

eeli arola:
Wait how am i reading page 1567? Sorry for not thanking even once. So here is a thank you.
Thank you for doing such a good job daily. (I would write a long thank you letter but i cant thank you enough!)

Thank you eeli! I don't want anyone to feel like they have to say anything when they catch up, but I do always love hearing from you guys, both long-time readers and people who only just caught up. It always makes my day. :)