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"Hey - do you two need me right now?"

"Maybe!" says Bina. "You're a doctor, right? You should be good at math."

"I'm OK at math," says Emmie, in the cautious tone of someone who has spent a great deal of time in school and can smell homework at fifty paces.

"How's your linear algebra and manifold geometry?"

"Terrible. Do you need someone to calculate rates of change? That's more my thing these days."

"Err… "

"I ask because otherwise I'm going to go get Amie. It's getting dark and you both may think that there's nobody else here, but I've been grabbed by those goopy things twice and I'm not looking to make it a hat-trick."

"That's cool," says Kendra. "We're not going anywhere."

"Yet!" says Bina.


A note for non-Canadians: A 'hat trick' is a term from hockey, where a player scores three goals without any other player scoring for either team.

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