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"Yeah? Well he's got the two hearts working for him."

"Hah, yeah…"

Kendra sits down beside her.

"What does it feel like? Being the Doctor?"

Anonymous Person:
>Big lady: Envelop tiny lady in hug.

Hug time!

"Its sort of like sucking on a live-wire, if the live-wire were connected to a nuclear generator, and the nuclear generator were powered by something that made you a lunatic ball of hyperactivity that can't stop talking and does ridiculous things."

"That succeeds at ridiculous things," says Kendra, thinking of the mysterious piece of yellow lego Bina has tucked inside one of the inner pockets of her jacket.

"Hah, yeah - there were a few moments there where I was sure I'd chopped through an office wall for no reason and I was going to have to explain how that was all part of my master plan."

"Oh really?" asks Kendra, and Bina can hear her smiling. "And how were you going to spin that?"

"Blame the Botfly, then wait for the running and screaming to start so I wouldn't have to explain."

"That sounds about right," says Kendra. "Bina, we've only been going for about thirty minutes - from your perspective at least - how sick are you?"


"Bina, please."

She gives in, "Maybe a little more then I'd like?"