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"Hmm," says Bina. "Well that confirms what we already thought regarding him being able to track me."

"It's not him, just the zombies and giant undead time dog that can enter your dreams."

"Ah, yes, thank you. That makes me feel much better."

"Just being precise," says Kendra.

Let Bina hug the cute beaver.

"God - How can you two joke about this?" asks Emmie.

"It's a talent," says Bina.

"It's a coping mechanism."

"We should have gone with you," says Emmie. "Seeing Gregor like that - it must have been terrifying. He's… not going to come back, is he?"


Mordiggian Morddoth:
+1 reader! Took me about 20-21 hours over the course of a week and many late nights. Now I need to get around to writing that essay I've been procrastinating for said week…

Hi Mordiggian! Welcome to the PTP! Good luck on your essay and I hope you stick around. Do your essay first though, that's important!

Illy Marion:
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finally caught up after two days!

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