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>Probably best to stay hidden, rather than getting involved and possibly creating a time paradox.

Yeah. That seems like a good pla -

>Unless she IS supposed to see you, and was hiding her recognition of you earlier? See, this is the shit you should be avoiding.

Aaaargh! Bina hates time travel!

>! you can get the password this way can't you?

Oh! Maybe. She hadn't thought of that.

There's still nowhere to HIDE in this little office. How would she do it?

Listen some more.

It's not hard, Mrs. Hyung is shouting.

They seem to be arguing about the portable building that she's in. Bina thought it was in a bizarre location.

Clipboard girl out there sounds like she's with the municipal government.

What did they find down that hole? It's got to be pretty weird.

Thankfully, weird is in a plentiful supply around here.

This area? Right here? This is perfectly safe for ten meters in every direction. Solid granite. Canadian shield. Just exactly what the rest of this lot should be.

Mrs. Hyung! This is -

My property! I happen to own this horrible piece of land, including the ridiculous buildings that you people down at city hall FAILED TO TELL ME were buried beneath the parking lot.


Holy crap. I underestimated how complicated doing things in full colour would be. This style takes far too long to draw. Sorry for the short updates, I just am running out of time!